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Of course, history repeats itself and I once again do not consistently write content for my blog… I got caught up in school and work.

So speaking of new, in my sex class, the teacher is making us do something new in our sexual lives and we have to write a paper about it. Now for me, anything is going to be new in my sex life.  HAHA.  Well, she is giving us a week and I’ve had an opportunity already and blew it…

So I went to go hang out with a friend (who I think likes me) and he was drinking at his friends house. Well, his friend gets drunk and tries to mess around and is kicking my friend out of his house so we can be “alone”.  I feel bad for my friend so I end up not doing anything substantial because I don’t really like drama and sleeping with his friend will probably create it.

Now, that I look back I should of just slept with him… but then again, I’m glad I didn’t. Torn…

PS. Here’s what turned me on today courtesy of JerkYourTube.com. This is hot. I like how at the end they do a close up and you see he is wearing a collared shirt and tie. That’s the exact second I blew my load.


Its been a long time since I last updated.

Since school started, I’ve had to spend a lot more time studying than I thought but I want to be serious about staying in school this time because I don’t want to have to be here any longer than I need to be especially since I dropped out already for a while.  Also, when I’m not at school or doing school related things, I’ve had to work.

I have a really long paper to write and I haven’t started yet.  Its Friday morning and I haven’t really partied in a while and there is a weekend full of parties.  One tonight, another tomorrow, and then I work on Sunday.  It seems like I’m never going to get my paper done and its a big part of my grade…. Arghh.

Aside from that, there was this friend of mine that tried to hook up with me a couple of times.  After the third time of me not letting him get very far, he hasn’t called me to hang out anymore.  HAHA.  I guess he doesn’t need just a friend.

PS. Here’s what turned me on today courtesy of JerkYourTube.com. Blow job. The guy kind of “sucks” at capturing the money shot though. HAHA

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Its a couple weeks into school and I haven’t made any new friends. I only talk to people I already know and that is only for a few minutes on my breaks inbetween classes. I don’t know what is wrong with me.

I guess I could be more outgoing. I tend to be somewhat on the shy side so I’ve been expecting other people to talk to me but I’ve been told int the past that I’m intimidating to talk to. A few of my friends have told me that before they knew they didn’t really want to talk to me because I intimidated them at first but I have no idea why they would think that. Maybe I look mean or something? HAHA. I guess I’m partly to blame. A couple of people have tried to talk to me but I gave one word (or close to monosyllabic answers).

My new goal is to be more outgoing and friendly with strangers. It was club week and I should of joined a club! shit…

PS. Here’s what turned me on today courtesy of ItsAllGay.com. I just thought the guy getting a bj was really hot. I don’t particularly like the ending…
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Its about the third week into school and I have this one class where we discuss the topic of sex a lot and the psychology surrounding our choices and shaping of our sexuality. I don’t fit the normal standard of things being that I am still a virgin at this age but this class has been really interesting in opening up my mind.

I did grow up in a somewhat conservative family. My grandmother is a devout Christian minister and an avid church goer. My father is just an old-fashioned man in general and my mother is a practicing Catholic. Also, there were issues of infidelity with my parents that I had to deal with early on in my childhood and that might have given me the wrong impression of sex. It might have implanted a tiny seed associating sex with negative factors like the breaking up of a marriage/family which makes me hesitant to participate in it… I don’t know. This class has made me think a lot of why I’ve made the choices I’ve made so far, what has shaped these choices and what has influenced my sexuality. I think that this class with be good for me and hopefully will expand my perspectives about this topic in the present and future.

Speaking of sex, I’ve been talking to a guy a lot recently that I met along time ago when I first began to explore my homosexuality secretly by going on yahoo! chat rooms at night in my room talking to weird, creepy pervs that just wanted me to jack off for them on a webcam. (Note: I didn’t jack off on cam for this guy or any of the guys but this guy just didn’t give me a creepy vibe like the others did.) We’ve been talking online and more recently, on the phone. We live somewhat close but haven’t met yet but have been talking about it. I was thinking of doing some “research” in the area of sex for strictly …ahem… “school purposes”, of course.

PS. Here’s what turned me on today courtesy of JerkYourTube.com. Deflowered, HAHA, this one is really hot.

drrrrrubk. im totally deleting this next time i see it.as but wwwwwoew.wwww……….. watssssssssssssssttttted.

hahahhhahaaoh shit. this is why im tryiingt top not drimk amyomore.hhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

I went to take in my car the yesterday after class but the lady said no one would be able to do it today. They were apparently too busy to do it. I decided to take it in before I went into work this morning and, hopefully, they could run the diagnostic test and fix it before I get off.

When I got off, there was no word from them but I dropped by to see how things were going. I saw my car with its hood up and hooked up to some crazy car thing so I figured they just started on my car. I went in to talk to the receptionist and she said they just needed to replace the thermostat and to come back before they closed.

“WHOO HOO!” I thought. It was nothing major and was inexpensive! I don’t have many hours at work now that the season is over so I need to keep my expenses down to a minimum, like bare minimum.

PS. Here’s what turned me on today courtesy of Xtube. I like the behind the scenes videos of porn shoots. …or it might be that the guy in the video is hot…
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I just got a car maybe a couple weeks ago and now something is wrong with it!?! The check engine light went on and I have to take it in. It went on a couple of days ago but since it is Labor Day weekend nothing is open until today. Unfortunately, I have work right now until the mechanics are closed and won’t be able to take it in until after class tomorrow. I don’t want to drive it anymore if something is broken but I have to. Crap crap crap.

I’m hoping that it is something minor and inexpensive to fix. Isn’t there laws about selling lemons?

PS. Here’s what turned me on today courtesy of JerkYourTube.com. The shower scene at the end is the best part!
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